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Cashew nut Premium



Cashews are rich in nutrients with beneficial plant compounds that are easy to add in many dishes. Cashews may also help in improving the overall health such as controlling blood sugar level, weight loss and healthier heart. Ski wing cashews are premium quality product of south Indian nuts which are hygienically packed to meet food safety .It may enhance heart and bone health and help in weight management, among other benefits

Cashew is rich in magnesium and manganese the nutrients that are important for bones, it also contains copper, minerals for energy production, brain development. They contain large amount of fibre and protein which are equivalent to meat.

Nutrients: Cashews are rich in carbs, fibre, copper, magnesium, manganese, zinc, phosphorus, iron, calories, protein, fat, thiamine, vitamin K, vitamin B6.

Flavour: Cashews have rich nutty flavour. When pureed, it may be hard to distinguish with cashew butter from other nut better.

Medicinal Benefits: Cashews contain monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acid that help decreasing the LDL cholesterol and triglyceride level. It also reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, stroke, and heart attack.

Cashews are the few food sources that are high in copper and magnesium that are essential for healthy bones. Deficiency of copper could lead to brittleness of bones which might increase the risk of easy breaking of bones or cause osteoporosis.

Cashews help to manage weight, they are also high in fibre, which makes complete filling thus keep you feel less hungry.

Cashews are low in fat and cholesterol content; cashews reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. It is also rich in antioxidants and helps to reduce the free radical in the body, preventing the growth of cancerous cells.

Taking or consuming cashews everyday would prevent the deposition of cholesterol and other minerals in the gall bladder.

Leananthin is an important pigment that is produced of cashew; it also protects the retina from UV rays.

Cashews help to manage diabetes because it is rich in calories that benefit the type-2 diabetes, help to increase glucose production. It also prevents from the heart diseases and stroke.

Cashew fruit is rich in essential vitamin, it helps to maintain healthy gums, teeth and numerous health promoting phytochemicals that protect from many diseases .

Skin: Cashew helps to prevent premature greying, hair fall and make hair texture soft and smooth. Eating cashew for couple of days would lead to glowing skin, free of pimple and acne.

Immune system: Cashews contain great sources of zinc. It plays a crucial part in the development of immune cells. It helps to keep the immune system strong and fights off bacteria and viruses.

Cashews also help to promote normal sleep in menopausal women. (or) Cashews produce sleep inducing hormone which promotes good sleep during menopause in menopausal women.

Cashew fruit juice builds or promotes sexual activity including energy boosting in males and female during intercourse.

Cashew contains magnesium, which helps in the synthesis of testosterone and oestrogen, magnesium present in cashew rejuvenate and promotes healthy living. Cashews are rich in zinc; it boosts the blood flow to the reproductive organ and helps to keep elated.

Cosmetics: It contains skin moisturizer and carrier oil used for aromatherapy treatment.

Note: Cashews might cause allergic reaction, it might affect the blood sugar level, there is some concern that might interfere with blood sugar level and it is advised to avoid eating cashew at least for 2 weeks after any surgery.

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