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Almonds are nuts that can be enjoyed as a whole, or chopped up on food. The almond seeds are edible seeds of Prunus dulcis.  It is a species of Iran, commonly known as almond tree. They are highly nutritious and rich in monounsaturated fats, anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals. Almond is a bone-building food. Ski wings provide you a healthy alternative to various processed foods and snacks. Ski wing assures you a highest quality standard almonds which contain best source of iron, potassium, zinc and B vitamins, niacin, thiamine and foliate.

FLAVOUR: Almond has a pure mild sweet tentative flavour. The nutty flavour retains the taste of its inherent sweet texture that goes very well with many desserts as well as raw intakes.

MEDICINAL USE: Almonds are nutrient loaded seeds high in monounsaturated fat that is healthy fat, fibre, manganese, magnesium and the world’s best sources of vitamin E. It also possesses various important nutrients essential for one body. 

Amazing source of anti-oxidants, almonds provides protection against oxidative stress, which can damage molecules in your cells and contribute to inflammation, aging and diseases like cancer

Boon of almonds is their remarkably high amount of magnesium, a mineral that many people don’t get enough of. High magnesium intake may offer major improvements for type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome. Low magnesium levels are strongly linked to high blood pressure, indicating that almonds may additionally help lower blood pressure levels. High blood pressure is one of the leading drivers of heart attacks, strokes and kidney failure.
Almonds are extremely good for heart health.  Eating one or two handful of almonds per day can lead to mild reductions in bad LDL cholesterol, potentially melts the risk of heart diseases.
When almonds have the tendency to curb your appetite, it aids in weight loss journey this means that you can control what you intake and this helps in regulating your metabolism and manages weight. While almonds are low in carbohydrates, they are high in protein and fibre.  Eating almonds can increase fullness and help you eat fewer calories. The hunger fighting effects of almonds can also reduce hunger and promote weight loss.

Consuming almonds is said to regulate blood sugar levels and stabilize it. This makes them a perfect choice for people with diabetes. The health benefits of almonds include lower blood sugar levels, reduced blood pressure and lower cholesterol. Adequate magnesium reduces the level of the neurotransmitter serotonin in the brain that helps to relieve anxiety related symptoms. Almonds have a high source of vitamin E that protects your eyes and prevents abnormal changes to your lens. Almonds have loads of benefits for skin. Almonds contain flavonoid that is similarly found in green tea and broccoli. This component nourishes your skin acts as an anti-ageing property for your skin. It is considered to be the best remedy that can prevent and fight acne; blackheads and whiteheads through the fatty acids found in it and treats skin rashes as well.

Almond is essential in treating any kind of hair problems including hair fall, hair damage and prevents hair from turning grey. It also helps in curing dandruff and other types of hair problems. Using almond as oil for hair gives a silky and shiny texture. Lack of magnesium in your body leads to loss of hair and thus the high amount of magnesium found in almonds help hair grow faster and stronger. Thus, almond promotes hair growth.

Almonds also contain essential fatty acids that might increase production of testosterone and its precursors. Nuts like almonds are a natural source of Zinc, Manganese and Copper which help in maintaining the libido level. These nuts are also known for improving the sperm quality and count. Zinc improves the flow of blood to major organs of the body.

Grab a handful of almonds as a quick snack before bed. As they are rich source of the amino acid tryptophan, it acts as the sleep-supporting phenomena and a natural muscle relaxer. The protein in almonds will keep you full all night.

Note: Though they are effective in many ways, if you consume them in excess, it can lead to toxicity in your body. This is because they contain hydrocyanic acid.  An over-consumption of which can make trouble with breathing problem, nervous breakdown, choking etc.

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