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Wild Honey

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Wild honey is unprocessed and unheated raw honey. It is delicious and fit. Wild honey is rich in nutrition; we can have it with juice or in cup of tea instead of sugar. It helps to heal everything related to health and skin.

Ski wings wild honey is unprocessed and unheated raw honey, which is collect from hilly tarries in Western Ghats tribe farmers. Here, the bee produces honey using nectar from a wide variety of wild forest flowers and free form sort of pesticide. They were harvesting the wild honey using age-old practice without harming the bee colonies. Ski wings wild honey is fresh and in abundance but also 100% organic. Ski wings wild honey contains great amount of probiotic components.

Compounds: vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin B2, B3, B5 and B6, calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium and zinc.

Medicines use: wild honey is effective antioxidant such as glucose oxidase, catalase, ascorbic acid, flavonoids and selenium which helps in reducing the risk of heart diseases, stoke and few type of cancer. Due to antioxidants loaded in the sweet nectar, it will boost memory.

Wild honey gives as instant energy, it is highly recommended for athletes and for pre and post-workout nutriment. Wild honey is treated for allergies, a few teaspoons of wild honey a couple of time a day will prevent the allergy symptoms.

Wild honey is naturally rich with enzymes, vitamin and minerals, it stimulate digestion and supports for weight loss. Normal honey contains only anti-bacterial but wild honey can be anti-fungal and anti-viral too.

Wild honey has anti-fungal properties, which is effective in treatment yeast infection and fight against fungal infection. Wild honey is not only rich in fatty acids, enzymes, carotenoids and vital micronutrients, but also potent anti- allergenic agent that can boost immune system and lower inflammation naturally. Wild honey is effective to relieve throat inflammation and also effective for over counter cough medication without any side effect.

Wild honey is natural aphrodisiac, because it releases serotonin,  which improve your neurotransmitter libido and stamina. Wild honey will improve fertility in both men and women. It contains mineral called boron, which increases testosterone level in amen and metabolizes oestrogen in women. Wild honey contains zinc and vitamin E, which helps to improve the sperm count in men.

Wild honey is a natural sleep aid, which released melatonin compounds, provides quality and quantity of sleep.

Wild honey is used to treat wounds and burns when applied to the affected area. It also treats ulcers and gastrointestinal problem. Wild honey has antioxidant and flavonoids, which prevents from cancer and heart diseases.

Skin: Wild honey is good for your skin; it is treatment for acne to preventing premature aging.


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