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Shatavari Powder



Shatavari in Sanskrit means “the plant with hundred roots” owing to the roots of this natural herb that are enriched with medicinal properties and are regularly used in the preparation of various ayurvedic formulations. Ski wings shatavari are maintained with finest good quality to ensure the customer satisfaction.

Ski wing provides you with a 100% pure organic product, packed hygienically. It is a medicinal herb an adaptogen, which means it can give the body what it needs in order to bring it back into a state of balance or homeostasis.


It has a bittersweet taste, and it can be consumed as a powder, liquid or capsule; although, traditionally it should be tasted in order to start its effects.


Being a powerful adapt genic herb, it relieves one from physical and emotional stress but also manages diabetes mellitus, prevents high cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and helps in the treatment of bacterial and fungal infections, oedema, infertility, depression and cancer.

Coined as a powerful galactagogue, this action promotes lactation in women when taken in prescribed doses to boost the secretion of milk from the mammary glands. It not only heals the new mom after childbirth but also helps in improving the production of breast milk for feeding the new-born.

Its antioxidant characteristic property Neutralize the free radical damage on the skin due to harmful sun rays.

The anti-flatulent property of the root powder of this climber improves digestion and prevents the formation of gas in the alimentary canal thereby treats flatulence and abdominal distension and promotes better absorption of nutrients in the body.

 The presence of estrogenic compound or phytoestrogen in Shatavari effectively balances oestrogen levels, stops bleeding, It acts as an anti-inflammatory in human body since it Reduces pain and inflammation during menstrual flow and also after a sudden abortion and supports the restoration of the endometrium.

It relaxes the cardiac system, by soothing the mind, which is extremely advantageous for patients suffering from arrhythmias and palpitations. It is also beneficial in strengthening the heart muscles, dropping cholesterol levels in the blood and preventing lipid accumulation, which in turn reduces the risk of atherosclerosis, heart blocks, heart attacks, blood clots, etc.

The powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-ulcer properties of shatavari roots treats different types of ulcers like peptic ulcer, ulcerative colitis, canker sores or mouth ulcers, etc. The bioactive composites in the plant encourage tissue regeneration and the juice extracted from the leaves is also used for dressing wounds.

Being loaded with dietary fibres and essential nutrients, when taken regularly, shatavari not only satiates the hunger pangs but also prevents overeating, hence playing a crucial role in one’s weight loss regimen.

Shatavari supports the female reproductive system at every stage of life. An oestrogen regulator it helps in preventing irregular menstrual cycle, managing premenstrual syndrome, treating menstrual cramps and alleviates uncomfortable bloating during periods and helpful for those who suffer from miscarriages. The saponins in this wonder herb are known for their anti-oxytocin effect that in turn reduces uterine contractions.

It is known for supporting autoimmune fertility issues by regulating immunological function. Boasted for being a natural aphrodisiac, Shatavari helps in reducing mental stress, anxiety  and stimulates the hormones for increasing libido in both men and women as it improves the levels of testosterone and  its components saponins that helps to regulate oestrogen thus increases virility. Shatavari has been used for centuries as a hormone balancer and a general tonic to uplift female health and boost the immune system.

Shatavari helps to balance vita and gives a calming effect on the nervous system. It also helps to promote sound sleep.


One shouldn’t take it with other diuretic herbs or drugs such as furosemide (Lasix). Shatavari may lower your blood sugar. It is advisable to take the drug with water with the required quantity or it may interact with some substances or medical conditions and exhibit certain side effects itchy eyes, nausea, itchy skin, joint pain.  In case the patient overdosed the medicine, it is advised to seek immediate medical attention. Listed below some medicines included Diphenylhydantoin Levodopa Barbiturates Lithium Phenytoin Prim done Pyrimethamine Methotrexate Nitrofurantoin are not suggested to be taken with Shatavari Kalpak.


200g, 50g, 100g, 250g


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