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Dry Amla Powder



Dry amla is known as Indian grossberry. Its botanical name is emblicaofficinalis or Phyllanthusemblica, is one of the most important food or fruit in ayurvedic medicine. It is both food and medicine. Ski wings are packed without any preservatives and artificial colouring. We provide you with its original pure, natural form to retain its fresh nutrients.

Compound :  Vitamin C, polyphenols, iron, B complex vitamin, carotenes and zinc, Vitamin A, calcium, potassium, phosphorus  and magnesium.

Flavour : Amla has a predominant taste or Amla is predominant in taste. The perfect balance between sour and astringent, sweet, and pungent taste best describes Dried Amla.

Medicinal Benefit: Vitamin C in alma improves immunity and it strengthens the respiratory system. Amla has been long used to get relieved of the symptoms of cough and cold, which leads to chest congestion.

Consuming dried amla powder with lukewarm water helps in digestion (or) good for digestion.

Amla improves eyesight vision and reduces cataract problem, intraocular tension also prevents reddening, itching and watering of eyes.

Amla has fiber content and acids like tannic which help relieve constipation. Protein present in amla helps to prevent cravings and also boosts metabolism too.

Amla is a potent antioxidant, it prevents and repairs the damage and   it consists of antibacterial and astringent to boost the immune system.

Amla is rich in chromium which helps in reducing bad cholesterol and stimulates insuling production; it reduces the blood glucose level of the diabetics. Amla is a powerful antioxidant that helps to neutralise the free radicals and protect from diseases.

Amla, rich in Vitamin C boosts the sperm production in men.The presence of iron and zinc in amla enhances the quality of the sperm which results in improved sexual vigour and virility. Women suffering from white discharge can consume a mixture of dired amla seeds powder with honey.

Men suffering from sexual problems are advised to consume a pinch of amla  powder with warm milk or water.

Cosmetics: Dry amla powder can be mixed with water, honey and can be used as a hair care product or it can also be applied as a face mask. Amla nourishes your hair and prevents your hair from drastic hair fall and also repair the damages like split ends and roughness.

Amla helps to strengthen hair follicles, gives a shiny, smooth texture increasing the blood circulation of the scalp, i.e. it stimulates the hair growth and it also slows down the greying and premature greying of the hair. Amla contains anti-ageing    property that gives a healthy and a glowing skin.

Cooking: Dried amla is used as a snack also the amla powder is used in the making of juice, smoothie, jam, chutney and pickles.

Note: Though this fruit has many beneficent effects it also has certain drawbacks they are there are chances of increased bleeding disorder. Avoid consuming amla two weeks before the surgery as it might increase the risk of bleeding during surgery.

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