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Delivery Information

We will usually hand over your parcel to the courier within 48 hours of receiving your order. For instance, an order placed on a Monday will be shipped on Tuesday or Wednesday. The only exception are orders placed on Fridays. Even though we strive to ship these on the Saturday, it does, unfortunately, sometimes, have to be delayed until Monday.

At the moment, there are, in our location, two reliable courier companies: India Post and Professional Couriers. India Post will deliver to any location in India, and Professional Couriers will deliver to most locations. By and large, the price for delivery depends on delivery location, required delivery speed, weight and size of the parcel.

India Post

We recommend two delivery services offered by India Post: registered parcel and speed post. Both are registered, i.e. you have to sign to receive the parcel, and include online tracking facility. However, registered parcel offers a balance between price, delivery speed and quality of service that speed post does not. Therefore, by default we send your skiwings parcel by India Post as a registered parcel with a delivery time is between 3 and 7 working days. If you insist, we will send by speed post, but this is, usually, much more expensive.

Private courier companies

There are many private courier companies in India. Some deliver to one location, some to other locations, and a few locations are not covered by any private couriers. There is one guarantee though: the private couriers are always more expensive than India Post. However, if you prefer the services of a particular private courier instead of India Post, we can almost certainly arrange this. We use Professional Couriers to get your parcel from our location to the nearest office of your preferred courier. From there, your preferred courier will take care of your parcel. If you are considering a private courier, you can check whether your location is covered by Professional Couriers’ network.

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